#DailyWritingChallenge – Resilience

Resilience is my third favorite word. My first favorite word is perseverance. My second favorite word? Well the first letter is F and the last letter is K – you can decide. Fork maybe?

Resilience gets a bum rap by some. As it has indeed become a buzz word of sorts there are some who spew the bootstrap mentality to the extreme. Resilience does not cure mental illness or poverty or illness. It isn’t always easy for a young person to push through conflict with others just because they just keep trying.

I often describe myself as resilient but also wonder if a person can be too resilient. Sometimes I think we just need to stop. Not quit, but press pause. This covid-19 although terrible in every way is forcing us to do just that. I don’t mean to make light at all. We as a world of people will be recovering from this for years to come. There will be things we just can’t push through. We will have to be innovative and look for ways around. This will mean pausing and drawing on “old magic”. Can we be innovative and draw on old magic at the same time? I think so.

We will have to rely on one another. We will have to listen, love and let go of ideologies and politics. Already governments have had to lean on each other. We will need to prioritize differently. I believe that this global pause will allow us to look at our vulnerable populations differently. We will place new value on the pillars of education and healthcare.

Of course this “old magic” can be called by another name: Hope. I hope when the engines are full steam ahead and we have our full resolve gathered we will remember when we had to stop. I hope that big business remembers who made them big. I hope we remember who the folks who bagged our groceries, filled our prescriptions, delivered our mail. And of course the nurses, doctors, lab techs and school staffs who work regardless – even at their own peril.

I hope whoever reads this is keeping well. And pausing.

Thanks for reading!

Lisa H

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