Every communication I  receive from my board talks about this unprecedented event.  When people grumble with me about any of the actions, processes or procedures we are implementing right now, I just cheerily (ok, ok, sarcastically cheerily) say, ” well next pandemic we will know better what to do!”

How do we navigate an event or circumstance we have never encountered previously?  With courage.  Hell’s bells I know people are worried and scared.  I am a little.  I probably actually need to be more serious about potential outcomes but I get up, I go to work, I try to be kind and all of that takes a little courage.  One of my big bosses – maybe the biggest boss said that we have not encountered anything like this since the Spanish Flu and I don’t think anyone I know was alive then!  We have had scares (H1N1 for example) but the world is shutting down country by country and border by border.

Educators, often loathed by lots of the public (why that is I will never understand) have exercised daily courage since this outbreak.  We go into work, we create resources and in hours managed to problem solve at least a somewhat doable solution.  Parents on social media on starting to state that they think teachers should be paid 1 million dollars (pounds for many reading this).  While that is a lovely thought we will need these parents once this unprecedented event subsides.

Right now our governments are preoccupied with the health of the nation.  However, down the road, they will look again at compensation of public servants in education and health care to carry the burden of debt by taking cuts.  We will need courage then.  Our parents now currently our biggest fans will also need courage and stand up for the cornerstones of our society – education and healthcare.

You might think it selfish of me to bring this up during this time.  But we learn from history that life goes on.  We are witnessing acts of kindness and courage all over the globe.  Air is clearer, water is clearer, wildlife is returning to the canals in Venice I read.  We need courage to remember that good things come from bad and we need to try and keep kindness and courage sustainable.

Thanks for reading!


Lisa H

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