Well like everyone on this planet (hasn’t it gotten much smaller all of a sudden?) I am navigating, along with my coworkers, Covid-19.  Covid  – such a new word that the red squiggly line still appears under it when typed.  I think most of us are still in shock truthfully.  We are a couple of days away from spring break but have spent the last 2 days cleaning out lockers and making sure our kids get their personals back as it is doubtful we will be back in session.  Our teachers are gearing up to learn how to be remote teachers and balancing between caring for their students and caring for themselves and their families.  Teachers are terrible at putting themselves on their own lists – I am for sure.

Kindness?  Absolutely.  Be kind to ourselves first of all.  Sick?  Stay home.  Need groceries?  Phone a friend.  You would do it for them.  Once your feet are back on the ground, look to spread that s*** everywhere.  Yesterday there was a lady outside the grocery store who wanted a jar of apple sauce.  Fortunately that was about the only thing left on the shelf and what is a jar of apple sauce to me?  I got her sauce.  Was it a scam?  Meh. Maybe.  Not for me to judge and it didn’t put me out one little bit.

We don’t need big, grand gestures of kindness.  Little, daily acts of kindness are like vitamins.  In fact, I think the small acts feed our souls better than the big acts.  Infect the world with kindness.  By the sounds of it all the countries where I have connections have similar types of government – we need to stand up for the vulnerable, for the people in the margins.  We need to stand up for humanity and all the qualities that make us human.

Quick, quick blog while I wait for a digital meeting.  Be kind.  Be love.  Be you.


Thanks for reading!


Lisa H

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